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Hey there! I’m Christen.

I work with creative business owners and leadership teams to hone in on client focused, story driven can’t-ignore marketing.

In 2012, I brought together an amazing group of independent bridal designers who were ready to approach bridal business and wholesale in a different way and formed the collective Wed Altered. I coached designers and stores, finding my work centered more and more on marketing and messaging.

Why? Businesses need to know their story to be able to market and sell. I absolutely fell in love with the process of pulling that out during our sessions. The impact of getting that sorted was just huge. I saw it over and over…Once that foundation is there, everything else can get built bigger, simpler, and faster. I was hooked!

After a couple years of getting out there in the local and online business community, my connections and clients starting branching out to service based businesses who are serving people in different ways all over the world. And most of the businesses I’ve come across had the same need. They all wanted to be them, grow more, and make sales…but getting the strategy and story in place to make that happen is important and not really that easy.

That’s where I come in!

I’m a teacher at heart (and by degree!) with experience in branding, sales and marketing, serving clients, and growing a business that builds your dreams while bringing value to your dream clients. I’ve found my home in the world of marketing and sales growth and loves working with businesses who are determined to make some noise and make a difference. If you're ready to see the kind of growth that only comes when you take on business from a new and true-to-you perspective, get in touch below and let's get moving!  We’ll build the client focused, story centered marketing you need for that next big push.

Want to get your marketing plan and lead generation started? Take a look at ways to work with me here.

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