Still got that marketing to do list guilt?

What if we could tackle your current marketing reality, hone in on what you should be saying and doing, and then you went and got it done?

  • Do you know you should have a better plan for your marketing, but you don’t know what that needs to look like?

  • Have you had a new welcome sequence or automated sales funnel on your to do list for 6 months, but still haven’t gotten around to it?

  • Do you know exactly what you have to offer your ideal clients, but you can’t figure out what they need to see and hear to get them to know that, too?

Basically -

Do you need to stop spinning your wheels, get GOOD ideas for what should be happening in your marketing, and have the support to go implement and get things moving?

as much as it sucks to hear, the truth is that if you keep doing what you're doing, you'll keep getting what you're getting.

If that's where you are and you want to tackle it and launch things forward, take action. The Jump Start Strategy is one of my most popular and effective offers and it can help individual business owners and teams alike.

What the Jump Start Strategy includes:

  • The Intake Process - We'll do a quick intake call to assess your needs and plan a focus for our time together. Then you'll complete some pre-work to get the ball rolling and I'll put together a custom combo of materials and resources for your session.

  • A 2 hour Jump Start Session - I'll ask some key questions to uncover the gaps and roadblocks, you'll get the info and insight you're looking for, and we'll dig deep to move past what's been holding you back to map out, stories and all, the message you need to put out there to bring in the clients you can’t wait to work with, in ways that make sense for you and your business. You'll wrap up with a recording, completed worksheets, action items, and plenty of clarity, inspiration, and a fire to keep things rolling.

  • Tools and Worksheets - I was a teacher in a past life…if you need a tool to help work something out or help it stick, I promise I either already have it made or I will make it for you. Everyone learns and does differently. I adapt to make it work.


This is PERFECT for:

- Planning a killer automated funnel or welcome sequence that makes clients love you on cruise control.

- Launching a program that you love, that makes enough money, and clients can’t wait to buy.

- Defining ideal clients/target market and what you need to do to connect with them their way.

- Nailing your message and vision so that you can step up marketing to make a movement, without the stress of wondering what the heck to say.


How much is it?

It's $1250.

Business building marketing goodness, enthusiastic support and strategy, and clarity are ready and waiting!

The Jump Start Strategy is all about giving you the business changing resources and support that I know have been the difference maker for my clients when they just needed that extra push to get things going.

If you're ready for that shift too, click through and we'll dive in! 


A few testimonials:

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Not sure? I'm really proud of the info and tools I've gathered in the years of work I've done in the industry and helping business owners get the marketing they’ve wished they had. I know this program can help anyone move past what's holding them back from the kind of business they truly dream of...Shoot me an email at with your questions and we'll talk it through!