I know you've poured your heart and soul into your business, and maybe you've made some big strides you're really proud of...or maybe something just hasn't clicked yet. Either way, I want to tell you that there is so much more waiting for you.

  • How much more simpler and significant would it be if you had your clear, on brand, client-led message fleshed out by and for you? If you knew how to tell the story about exactly what drives your work and why clients will absolutely love working with you?

  • How would it feel to see quick, significant growth as you implement funnel and sales systems and challenge yourself to develop a business that draws in your ideal clients without eating your day?

  • What would it be like if you could pull together a package or product that’s perfect for your business and your clients, at a price that makes a profit and delivers phenomenal value, so that you can launch it, now?

I don't do the go-get-em rah-rah fluff...sorry. But I do know how to teach and guide. Really well.

And I've spent years learning the industry, learning, testing, getting high level coaching and training, working with clients to perfect tools and resources, and I get lit up seeing clients make major breakthroughs in their mental hang ups and blurry marketing plans that have been holding them back.

We can find your brand story, do the detailed marketing and funnel strategies, lay out a package or a launch, or get your whole team on the same page. Bottom line, we can bridge that gap between where you are right now and where you really desire your business to be.

Sound good?

Then there are a handful of ways to work with me...1-on-1 strategy packages, VIP retreats and intensives, and products and group programs. Take a look and see what works best for you! Feel free to shoot me questions anytime at hello@christenschneider.com. 


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This a customized program that's built from the ground up just for your business and your goals. It's perfect for the business owner or team who's ready to put a strategy in place and work it with high level challenging encouragement and all the tools you need. Get from where you are to where you really desire to be (but haven't seemed to be able to reach going DIY). Think packages and pricing, marketing plans, brand story, or funnel and email sequence strategy.

Get the support to get to the next level in your business messaging and sales (and your profit). 


Topic specific resources, recordings, and self paced business coaching you can use right now to get started, perfect a part of your process, and start taking a stand for yourself as a professional in the industry. Make an investment, spend the time, and create the opportunity for improvement and big changes.

Materials are created and introduced throughout the year, so make sure to stay tuned!

What would your business look like after removing all the distractions and settling in for an in depth overhaul of your goals, marketing plans, sales systems, and the stories that go with them? Pretty different, right?

If you want to make significant, immediate, meaningful impact on your business, a VIP Day is the best way for us to tackle your questions and get the ball rolling.

We do a thorough intake, pre work, a full day of high level coaching and strategy, and add in some supportive follow up work. You leave with a ton of actionable ideas to create the momentum you've been looking for. Content is customizable and VIP packages start at $4000. Only a few open up on my schedule each quarter. Click the button to apply and start the conversation!


My focus is so specific to your brand story and reaching your dream clients that my favorite work is done 1-on-1 with owners and leadership teams. Then we work out how to take the new plans and messaging to the whole crew, so that your clients hear the same great messaging at every touch point.

Know what you want to say, who you want to say it to, and how, where, and when to say it.

That’s our goal and the plan. We can set this work up a few different ways. Private retreats, workshops, or virtual trainings are just some of the options. I’m also available for larger group sessions and speaking, if you have a conference or event that you’d like to run on marketing strategy and messaging. Take a look and reach out for more info.


Just want to dive in?


Your Lead Magnet. Done.

Need a quick fix to get your packages or offers selling? You’ll send in the background info before your call. We’ll dive in and come up with the topic, format, and content of your lead magnet mapped out. You leave with a clear plan, ready to finally get this done.

Plus, you can send the final product over to me for a look through and recorded feedback before you send it out into the world!