Your Lead Magnet. Done.

  • Does your sales funnel need a refresh?

  • Are you focusing on a new offer and want to get the word out and get people excited?

  • Have you thought forever that you need a funnel, but the first step just keeps not happening?

Figuring out exactly who you’re talking to, what you want to say, and how to get them clicking is what makes a lead magnet amazing.

But it can feel like a tall order. That’s what this is for…you set aside the time, complete the background info to kick things off, and then we dive in.

What we’ll get done in an action packed call:

  • [Pre-work before the call] I’ll send you my tools for getting some thoughts on your audience and goals pulled together, as well as a little info on you and your company. You’ll send it to me before we meet so I can come ready with a bunch of ideas for you!

  • We’ll figure out your ideal client for this particular funnel and what message you need them to hear. [All of this is recorded…so you can revisit it and recenter your marketing message any time. Clients have lots of huge clarity moments during this part, it’s a big bonus to getting the whole lead magnet thing tackled!]

  • We’ll come up with the topic and format of your lead magnet that will get them interested, deliver awesome value, and have them ready to learn more about working with you.

  • Then we’ll map out the content so you can go write and create it. No more procrastination, confusion, or writer’s block.

Basically, you leave with a clear plan, ready to finally get this done. I’m really good at listening. I’m even better at pulling everything you say into one killer, clear path forward.

Plus, you can send the final product over to me for a look through before you send it out into the world! I’ll record specific feedback for you in a screenshare video so you can tweak and change at your own speed and be confident your new lead magnet is ready to hit the online world.

I don't typically offer one off or short term coaching packages, but I know that sometimes there's that one area where some hard questions, clear advice, and heartfelt support from someone with the expertise to help can literally change your business. And I want to make that a possibility for you.
Think about your desires for your business and life and compare it with your reality. What would it take to make that growth happen?

as much as it sucks to hear, the truth is that if you keep doing what you're doing, you'll keep getting what you're getting.

So, ready to get something different. Let’s do this.

Just $149

Why only strategy and not design?

Because this lets me offer the part most business owners actually desperately want and need - clarity and a kick in the pants! And I can keep it at a price that any business owner can do. Besides, many of my clients are design oriented and spending the money on that part doesn’t make sense. Plus…Canva :)

Pretty sure you need design too? Let’s get your message and strategy first. Then we can talk about design. My team can handle anything you throw their way!

What about the emails in the follow up Welcome Sequence?

Oh, those are so important! But you need your starting topic before you can plan any follow up. Figure out where they are and where you want them to be at the end of the journey. Then you can map out the in betweens…and if you need help, I’m here for you! The Jump Start Strategy Session is perfect for 1-on-1 attention while the Welcome Sequence Course is a great self-study option that’s in the Coffee Break Marketing Resource Library.

Want to tackle this without the 1-on-1 time with me?

There’s a mini course to build a lead magnet that follows the same method in the Resource Library of Coffee Break Marketing! (Pssstt…it’s $100 a month and a great group!)

A few testimonials:

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Not sure? I'm really proud of the info and tools I've gathered in the years of work I've done in the industry and coaching business owners and I know this program can help anyone move past what's holding them back from the kind of business they truly dream of...Shoot me an email at with your questions and we'll talk it through!