Client Focused. Story Based.

We’ll get you a sales funnel your clients can’t ignore by honing in on your brand message and then building a campaign strategy around it.

Does your business have something it would love to sell more?

The answer to that’s usually yes, I know! But that just means that you and everyone else nodding right now need to take a look at their marketing and sales…because that stuff doesn’t happen on its own.

It’s some combo of (message+product) x (client+platform) = more sales…

But what tweaks do you need? What should you say? How do you make sure the whole team catches the vision, the excitement, and the script?

Imagine finding your message so you and your crew can easily get out there and sell.

Better yet, sell more things you’re excited about to people you absolutely love to work with. Around here, that’s what we do. I sit down with leadership teams and business owners to pull out the things that set your work and products apart and get clients excited to buy, then we put it all together into a plan to make sure the right people hear it. Whether it’s marketing strategy, growth plans, a quiz, a funnel, or putting together new packages and programs, we’ll get to the core of what you and your business are about and how you can reach your big time goals.

All the motivation and ideas in the world won’t bring any profit in without the right actions to back it up. No one can buy from you if you never tell them what you sell and why it will give them exactly what they need.

The world needs your message and mission.

Your clients want to hear your business’ story.

Let’s get it out of your brain and into a real plan so you can get everyone on the same page and ramp up the growth you can feel is just past where your business is right now.


Work With Me

There’s a mix of one off sessions to point you in the right direction, tools and resources, and high impact 1-on-1 deep strategy dives (including leadership retreats).


Thoughts and Resources

Helpful posts and how-to info for business, mindset, marketing, and anything else that has to do with building a business on your own terms.



"Christen is the key to making [quick growth] happen smoothly, just knowing someone knowledgeable is on your side is massively helpful but aside from knowledge and support she is extremely professional, delightful and easy to work with."

Haley, The Yellow Peony